Refund and Cancellation Policy

Refund policy:

Membership Plans

The membership fee is non-refundable.

Air Ambulance Membership if not renewed will automatically be cancelled on the date of expiry.

Cancellation policy

Air Ambulance Flight Bookings

A.Under the 50% discount category(where 50% of tariff is fully paid) and other normal air ambulance booking(fully paid).

Charter / Air Ambulance flights once booked can be cancelled as per the below terms and conditions

 25% of charges based on estimated flying time will be deducted in case a confirmed booking is cancelled.

B. Under the cashless air ambulance category: Under Cashless membership plan, and in case of a need, air ambulance booking is done for patient lift and an ETD is given to the member and subsequently members wishes to cancel the booking, such cancellations shall be done 12 hrs prior to Estimated Departure Time(ETD). In case the cancellation is done in less than 12 before ETD, the eligible one free airport to airport transfer shall be lapsed or utilised for the year for which membership is taken and member shall come under the 50% discount category.

*For Flights originating from Mumbai/ Delhi/ Hyderabad/ Chennai - 100% cancellation charges are applicable for cancelling a confirmed flight, due to slot approvals and logistic challenges.