Emergency Medical Technician
Job Description

Position: Emergency Medical Technician

Openings: 01

Organization Name: Flaps Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

Company Profile: We are India's leading and finest Air Ambulance services provider operating as "Book Air Ambulance". Over the last 7 years, our highly experienced crew and medical team has carried out over 3400 successful evacuation. Our Air Ambulance services run on advanced life support equipment by full-fledged medical crew trained in critical pre-hospital care protocols to address emergency victims and critically-ill patients. We have pioneered a bed-to-bed patient transfer solution. We have successfully done 360+ patients transfer last financial year alone, which is one critical care patient every day. These patient transfers are from across Indian geographies. There is a surging demand and we are expanding our operations strategically to meet this demand.
We believe that access to health care is a basic human right that should be enjoyed by all. And Air Ambulance can be the most vital transport and this is the reason we are working very hard to make it affordable as much as possible to the people of India so that many more lives can be saved.

Qualification: EMT certificate from Govt Recognized college/institute.

Required Skill Set:

  • Having good OT exposure.
  • Having good organizational skills
  • Being able to make quick decisions
  • Being able to stay calm under stressful circumstances.
  • Having high attention to details.
  • Being able to speak more than one language.
  • Having analytical skills.
  • Being able to work for long hours.

Job tasks / Responsibilities:

  • Will be required to go on Air Ambulance calls.
  • Demonstrates and ensures knowledge, understanding, and compliance of Road / Air Ambulance policies and procedures.
  • Ensures that the vehicle and equipment is ready for use at the beginning of the shift and after every call. This includes: appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of the interior and exterior of the vehicle, appropriate cleaning and disinfecting of equipment, inspecting, restocking, and completing daily checklists of the vehicle and equipment, and performing routine maintenance.
  • Performs daily inspections of their base and/or station for cleanliness. Then performs the appropriate housekeeping duties to ensure that their living quarters are free from clutter, clean and sanitary at all times.
  • Responds to emergencies and non-emergencies using appropriate care and caution in accordance with Massachusetts law, EMS regulations, company policy, and the principles of safe emergency vehicle operation. As per Road / Air Ambulance policy, always wears their seatbelt when in a Company vehicle.
  • Renders emergency and non-emergency medical care in accordance with the rules, regulations, protocols, policies and procedures of Road / Air Ambulance, the State of Massachusetts, DPH/OEMS, and the Regional Office of OEMS, consistent with good judgment and the provision of high-quality medical care. Appropriately and safely delivers the patient to the nearest most appropriate medical facility.
  • Works with ALS personnel in a professional manner and works at their skill level in accordance to the Massachusetts DPH/OEMS and company policies. Maintain good relations between our own ALS services as well as outside services.
  • Acts at all times in the best interests of high-quality patient care, in the best interests of the patient, and in such a manner to reflect credibly on Road / Air Ambulance and the professional reputation of the emergency medical technician.
  • Acts at all times with his/her personal safety in mind as well as the safety of his/her partner, the patient, other EMS personnel, bystanders, and any other public safety personnel present.
  • Accompanies BLS patients to their destination, continuing to provide appropriate care and patient advocacy until the responsibility for the patient has been transferred to an appropriate medical professional and a report has been given.
  • Cosigns all patient care forms for completeness.
  • Completes all appropriate documentation and record keeping for every assignment.
  • Adheres to Universal Precautions/Body Substance Isolation when dealing with patient contacts. Is familiar with and practices the Infection Control policies and procedures of Road / Air Ambulance.
  • When necessary and appropriate, acts as a team leader in dealing with emergency and non-emergency situations, directing and supervising other members of the emergency medical care team.
  • Performs duties related to public relations and community education programs sponsored by Road / Air Ambulance Inc. Performs duties related to the continuing improvement and development of Road / Air Ambulance and the local EMS system.
  • Accepts responsibility for recertification as an EMT by DPH/OEMS. Attends appropriate continuing education courses along with yearly recertification in BLS Healthcare Provider - CPR. Files the appropriate paperwork with DPH/OEMS to ensure timely recertification.
  • Provides Road / Air Ambulance with a current copy of their EMT certification, CPR card, and Motor Vehicle Driver’s License. Complete training in all Company, state and federal mandates.
  • Reports to assigned shifts in proper uniform and on time unless the proper notification has been made. Remains on-duty and in proper uniform until properly relieved.
  • Acts as an EMT preceptor when called upon by management to train or retrain fellow employees.
  • Allows and is willing to accommodate third riders for orientation and/or educational purposes. Completes all documentation on behalf of student interns.
  • Performs other duties as directed by management
  • At all times, presents an example of professionalism and leadership for others to follow. Place patient care excellence above all else. Ambulance.Reporting to CEO


Location of posting: Terminal 1 Airport, Opp. Metro Station

Contact Information :
Name: Vikrant Tanwar
Address: Suite No. 8/15, West Mehram Nagar, Opposite T1 – D IGI Palam Airport, New Delhi 110010
Phone: +91 9999044254
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