Vision We Share

To unite individuals and make a common platform for all of us through Air Ambulance Membership Plan and reduce it's cost dramatically to make it affordable to a common man.


Connect all cities to Type (A) & Type (B) cities for patient better treatment. Type (A): Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai.


Make Air Ambulance available to all members/Non-members as an when required. Our target is to position at-least one aircraft at one hour distance.


Reduce Air Ambulance charges by up to 90% in next few years to make it affordable to members registered with us.

Our Team Members
  • A multi-disciplinary medical team of experts who assess the needs of each patient and advise on the right course of action. Based on your medical needs, they choose the right doctors and nurses for you.

  • A carefully selected medical team from the top professionals.

  • A strong support staff team who will help bring you home.

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