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Comprehensive Cashless Air Ambulance Individual Membership program protects an individual from a medical emergency anywhere in India. He / She can fly hassle-free and faster to India's best medical facilities for further treatment.

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Critical ailments covered under this program (Cashless**)

FREE AIR AMBULANCE patient transfer (Airport to Airport) including Parents who are < 65 years of age after 30 days from registration for any one select critical ailment as mentioned below

  • Heart Diseases (i.e. from 2nd heart attack). However, an ECG is a must for the shifting confirmation, or

    (*Old records like CAG, Stent & Current medications for First heart attack mandatory, if medical records not available at the time of pick up, then it will come under 50% and later upon submission of old records, it will be cashlness and refund to be given.)

  • Burn cases with more than 60% burn injuries, or
  • Road accident cases with spinal injury (fracture must) and multiple fractures. Patient will be shifted in this category if confirmed by the hospital doctor and patient is fit to fly as per the attending Doctor.

    (*Spine fracture with loss of power in limbs.)

  • Neurological patients, excluding brain dead patients, will be shifted in this category only if confirmed by the BAA doctor or

    (*Traumatic Brain Injury (SDH with midline shifts) to be confirmed or MRI / CT is must. TBI with GCS 2T, Skull fracture with Trauma to Brain, Total loss of Consciousness also are covered. CVA not covered.)

  • Multiple Organ failure, or

    (*Two or more organ failure to be confirmed with all necessary reports like Blood and Scans.)

  • Complications during child birth to the mother#

# This critical ailment will be covered under Cashless only from second year of membership. First year will fall under a 50% discounted tariff.

** Please read the terms and conditions for further details.

Non-critical ailments covered under this program (50% discount on regular tariff*)

50% Discount in transfer tariff after 15 days from registration including Parents who are > 65 years of age

    Diseases which are not an immediate threat:
  • Complications due to Pneumonia
  • Complications due to Typhoid
  • Complications due to Malaria
  • Complications due to High / Low BP
  • Complications due to Diabetes
  • Kidney Disorder
  • Lung Failure
  • Any stomach related disease
  • Any other disease not covered above
    Diseases for which treatment can be planned:
  • Knee replacement
  • Kidney Transplant
  • Any Organ Transplant
  • Cancer related treatment
  • Road Accidents with lesser complications
  • All sorts of treatment not covered above

* The regular tariff is the price quoted under the section "Get Quote" in homepage where departure airport and destination airport can be entered.

Rs. 3500 + GST

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Features and Benefits

1 Member cover < 65 years
Airport-To-Airport transfer
Renewable every year
1 Free lift anywhere in India for critical ailments(30 days after registration)
50% discount on regular airport tariff across country (15 days after registration)
Priority of Normal Booking
Discount on diagnostics in 144 locations
40%-50% discount on health check-ups
Discount on medicines in 3300 outlets
Discount on consultations
Discount on IPD hospital bill
Discount on investigation
Discount on hospital pharmacy
Discount on FMCG products in 3300 outlets
Discount on hospital room and diagnostics
Discount on Preventive Healthcare Plans

Airport-To-Airport Patient Transfer

Airport-To-Airport patient transfer services for ICU / CRITICAL CARE / COMA patients and other medical emergencies.
*Road Ambulance charges to be borne by the member.

Neuro cases

Heart Attacks

Multiple Fractures

Burn Cases

Multiple Organ Failure

Other ICU cases

Our idea of offering you Membership is to avoid health shocks and therefore plan your medical emergencies. Medical emergencies doesn’t alert you nor will give you any time.

Our Hospitals, Pharma and Diagnostics

We have thoughtfully partnered with Apollo Pharmacy, Suburban Diagnostics, SRL Wellness and Apollo Clinics across the country to offer our privileged members a total healthcare solution with attractive discounts in diagnostics and health check ups across the country. For more information call: 1800 270 2712

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*All discounts 'or' benefits are subject to change without prior notice and at sole discretion of Flaps Aviation Pvt. Ltd.

*Partners offers are at their sole discretion and are subject to change without any prior intimation.

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